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After a number of years, sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines can affect the way that your skin looks on your face. This can take a toll on your confidence if you aren’t happy with these signs of aging. Fortunately, you have the ability to visit a Westlake Village health and wellness center that offers both cosmetic and medical treatments that can help. Seeing a professional doctor for your skin problems is one of the best decisions that you can make. Dr. Bhuiya is highly trained in laser services, long-lasting dermal fillers, facials, skin tightening and other procedures.

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Laser services provide a way to treat your skin by removing specific layers that are damaged. There are different types of lasers that are utilized for each procedure. CO2 lasers are used in our facial treatment Westlake Village CA office to treat skin issues like acne scars, minor wrinkles and areas that have been damaged by the sun. By using an invasive laser, it helps promote tightening of the skin and the production of collagen, which will help create a more natural skin texture. If you have any of these types of ailments with your skin, you may want to visit our health clinic and med spa Westlake Village CA office for a consultation.

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One of the best ways to quickly improve your appearance is by utilizing dermal fillers. These are approved by the FDA, and they help restore volume in your skin. As you get older, areas around wrinkles will start to form creases. These are usually found around your lips, under your eyes and on your cheeks. By using a dermal filler such as Voluma, you’ll have a much fuller looking face. This will present you with a more youthful look. By having it administered by a professional Westlake Village dermatology doctor, you can feel safe and no that the procedure is being done by a highly trained expert.

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You can also receive Botox treatments at our Westlake Village skin care center. This type of treatment utilizes Botox to cosmetically soften the areas of skin on your face that tend to cause wrinkles and lines. This safe procedure works by reducing the activity of specific muscles that cause the unsightly creases and wrinkles on your face. By injecting Botox, it paralyzes these muscles so that they relax. The end result is a face that represents a more youthful appearance.

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If you have searched for a Dermatologist Near Westlake Village CA and landed on our website, you are in good hands. Dr. Bhuiya has been honing and improving his skills for over two decades. He specializes in many different treatments that are used in cosmetic surgery. He is also trained in the field of antiaging medicine and provides bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. In addition, Dr. Bhuiya recognizes the problems of addiction and pain. He treats drug and alcohol dependency and provides pain management as well. If you are in need of skin care services and prefer having the guidance of a professional doctor, be sure to contact us today.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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With the start of the holiday season, we are pleased to announce our Exclusive Events. These are nights of pampering for you and 5-10 (or more) of your closest friends and family. Host an event and enjoy a night in with your friends discovering the newest techniques in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine.

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