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There’s nothing more rewarding than raising children. However, bearing a baby for nine months and birthing a child has a tendency to take a toll on a woman’s body. There is also stress involved after a child is born that can affect your body in a negative way. Fortunately, a Mommy Makeover procedure can help alleviate problems with your body and leave you feeling rejuvenated. The benefits that you will receive after having a mommy makeover can be quite potent.

Rejuvenating Your Body

Having a Mommy Makeover Westlake Village CA treatment actually involves a few different procedures. These will usually include a breast lift, liposuction and tummy tuck. Of course, you may not want to have all of these procedures done, which is fine. You can consult with a doctor to determine the types of procedures that will help you the most. The end goal is for you to feel great about yourself and have a slimmer, younger looking body.

San Fernando Mommy Makeover

We understand that raising children takes a good amount of time as some of our team members have children too. By being a mother, you may have to put aspects of your life on hold for a few years. This may mean that you are not able to participate in the type of activities that help keep you fit. Over time, your body may pay a price for not getting as much attention as it should. This can lead to some of the negative aspects listed below:

  • An increase in excess skin
  • Skin that becomes stretched
  • Breast sag
  • Weakened abdominal muscles
  • An increase in stress, which leads to weight gain

Mommy Makeover San Fernando CA Procedures

When you visit our office, you’ll probably have specific needs and requirements. We expect this and will consult with you to determine which procedures will work best. Here are some Mommy Makeover procedures that are often requested:

  • Tummy tuck: After having a baby, you’ll have excess skin around your belly area due to the stretching that occurs when you are carrying your child. If you are like other mothers, you may want to have this area of your body look slimmer and more fit. A tummy tuck will help accomplish this.
  • Breast lift: Breastfeeding and gravity can greatly affect the tendency for your breasts to sag, especially if you have larger breasts. By having a breast augmentation procedure done, it will give you breasts that look perkier and more youthful.
  • Liposuction: This procedure helps remove unwanted fat from areas in your body that have a hard time releasing fat when you exercise. Liposuction will help contour specific areas and help make them look slim.

Benefits Of Having A Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover can provide many benefits. These usually include having a firmer, smoother tummy, breasts that look more youthful and an increase in your confidence, just to name a few. Previous patients who have had a Mommy Makeover have said that they are happy with their decision to have multiple procedures at once. They can wear certain clothes again without feeling embarrassed and feel more rejuvenated by the way that their body looks.

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