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Under medical supervision, losing the weight and keeping it off is attainable. During each visit, Dr. Bhuiya reviews your food and activity log and offers alternatives that will greatly benefit you on your weight loss journey. For those patients that have reached the ominous plateau, our doctor can prescribe a weight loss plan specifically tailored to cross that hurdle. Each person is different and so is Dr. Bhuiya’s approach to helping each patient lose the weight, safely, and keep if off for years to come.

In between visits, patients are always welcome to come by to restock their vitamins or receive a wellness injection.

Fat Buster Injection

Rich in vitamins and minerals that help break down fat while boosting your energy levels.

B12 Injection

Boosts your mood, energy, focus and immune system. Also known for slowing down aging. Wonderful for the whole year and especially helpful during the flu season.

HCG Diet

Administered either orally or as an injection, HCG benefits patients that take it daily in addition to a low calorie diet. HCG protects your heart muscle while the rest of your body is shedding weight. For many patients, the remarkable results are seen within 30 days.

Pure Vitamins and Supplements

Proper nutrition is key to weight loss success. Lack of sleep, low Vitamin D levels, and many other vitamin and nutrient deficiencies hinder weight loss. Our office carries pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements to ensure that you are replenishing your levels instead of polluting your body with fillers, sugars and starches.

Pure Encapsulations Patient Fulfillment Program

All of Dr. Bhuiya’s patients are able to purchase supplements directly from Pure Encapsulations. Please visit PureEncapsulations.com, type in “Bhuiya” into the search field and follow the prompts on the screen. Once you complete the registration, you are able to order vitamins and supplements at your convenience.

If you need assistance with the PureEncapsulations website, please give the office a call at 818.597.3223. We are here to help.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Exclusive Events

With the start of the holiday season, we are pleased to announce our Exclusive Events. These are nights of pampering for you and 5-10 (or more) of your closest friends and family. Host an event and enjoy a night in with your friends discovering the newest techniques in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine.

Got your list? Checked it twice?

Call the office at 818.597.3223 to discuss your
Event Evening!

Benefits of your Event include
  • A fabulous reason to get together and catch up with your friends (holiday party, networking, bridal shower)
  • Enjoy yummy snacks and sparking drinks
  • Each guest receives a Beauty Bag
  • Host receives a Beauty Box
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